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Sustainability is an important component of the fund’s management and long-term strategy. Currently, the focus is on developing the fund’s sustainability principles. We believe that sustainable practices not only support the well-being of the environment and society but also contribute to the growth of the fund’s value and long-term success.

Designing a fund’s sustainability strategy is an ongoing process that requires commitment and collaboration. We are working closely with experts and interest groups to develop and implement best practices. When developing the strategy, we set ourselves ambitious yet realistic goals to ensure the sustainable development and long-term success of the fund.

Our objective is to establish a strong and effective sustainability strategy that aligns with the fund’s goals and value creation while providing a positive impact on the environment and society. We consider the European Union’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and we are consistently working towards this goal.

Consideration of adverse sustainability impacts

Within the context of SFDR (Regulation 2019/2088 (EU)) we are unable to confirm that the fund considers adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability.

This is due to two reasons: i) quantifying adverse effects at this stage is difficult due to shortage of relevant sustainability data; ii) the regulation package for management of adverse impacts is very new and best practice is yet to develop.

Due to the above, we take potential adverse sustainability effects into account at a qualitative level. Should any adverse impacts occur during the holding period, we will evaluate the issue and take necessary action to mitigate it.

As regulation matures and best practices emerge, we will continue to evaluate our approach and update it accordingly.


Supervisory Board

  • Arti Arakas (chairman)
  • Olav Miil
  • Siive Penu
  • Sander Rebane

Management Board

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