EfTEN CapitalEfTEN Capital

EfTEN Special Opportunities Fund

Fund name Usaldusfond EfTEN Special Opportunities Fund
Fund type Limited partnership, Closed Alternative Investment Fund
Fund term 5 years from the date of registration (2 years investment period; 3 years holding and exiting).
Fund manager EfTEN Capital AS
Fund status Active investment phase
Auditor AS PricewaterhouseCoopers
Fund size (equity capital) Up to 75 milion euros
Investment focus Real Estate projects with financing gap
Geographical focus of investments Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Financial leverage Bank loan up to 50%
Fund expected capital return 10% annually
Depositary AS Swedbank



Supervisory Board

  • A. Lauteri 5, Tallinn

Management Board

Viimased uudised

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