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Investors have invested 9mio euros in the EfTEN United Property Fund

In September, investors placed 3.8 million euros in EfTEN United Property Fund, which is the best monthly result since the fund was established in June of this year. A total of 2,640 investors have joined the fund, having invested a total of 9 million euros in the fund.

In September, 826 new investors joined the fund, investing 3.3 million euros, and 183 previous investors increased their positions by 544,000 euros. Almost a fifth of the fund’s clients have invested in the fund several times.

“Through EfTEN United, people who are saving regularly with small amounts as well as wealthier and institutional clients invest in real estate,” commented Kristjan Tamla, Head of Retail at EfTEN. “In September, the largest amount invested in the fund was 1 million euros, and more than 130 clients invested less than 50 euros in the fund,” Tamla added.

Since September, investments in the fund can be made through a pension investment account (PIK). Through PIK, 65 investors have joined EfTEN United Property Fund by investing more than 200,000 euros in sum.

EfTEN United Property Fund invests in commercial and residential real estate in the Baltics. Currently, the fund’s largest investments are the development of the Uus-Järveküla residential area on the outskirts of Tallinn and the Domina shopping center in Riga, where the fund has invested through EfTEN Kinnisvarafond II. Investments in the EfTEN United Property Fund can be made on a monthly basis, starting from 10 euros, and the fund’s units are planned to be listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange not later than May 2022. EfTEN’s managers and founders have also invested in the fund.

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