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Euromoney survey: EfTEN Capital is the best real estate investment manager in the Central and Eastern Europe for the second time

EfTEN Capital, an asset management company with the focus on real estate investments in the Baltics, is the best real estate investment manager in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This result was reached by the recent Euromoney international survey in which more than 15,000 representatives of the real estate sector across Europe participated. EfTEN also won the title of the best CEE real estate investment manager in the Euromoney survey last time, in 2021.

“Compared to the survey two years ago, the situation in the real estate sector has changed significantly. Interest rates, which have increased quickly and unexpectedly for many, have put several companies and funds in the real estate sector under great pressure. Throughout history, there are very few fund managers that have produced strong results in both up and down cycles. Therefore, the fact that EfTEN managed to win the award in two very different years in terms of the business cycle is particularly pleasing,” commented Kristjan Tamla, CEO of EfTEN Capital.

Euromoney highlighted two key strengths of EfTEN. First, EfTEN has managed to maintain the funds’ strong cash flow and financial position even in a difficult economic environment. In addition, the company collects through automated systems large-scale and detailed data about the managed assets, which allows to improve the energy efficiency and cost management of these assets.

According to Kristjan Tamla, EfTEN continues to look for growth opportunities in the Baltic countries. Soon, there are plans to create a new fund for institutional investors to cover the financing gap in commercial real estate caused by banks’ more conservative lending policy. The new fund will create an additional source of funding for the real estate sector next to the current largely bank loan driven financing. The fund is aimed at institutional and professional investors.

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