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Notification for Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting and the Agenda

The supervisory board of Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS (registry number 10830872, located in Tallinn, A. Lauteri 5) is summoning Shareholders´ Annual Meeting on 20 June 2012 at 10:00 AM in the meeting room (3rd floor, located in Tallinn, A.Lauteri 5).

The Supervisory Board of Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS has confirmed the Agenda for AGM as follows:
1. Confirming the 2011 annual report
Supervisory Board proposition: to confirm the 2011 annual report.
2. Distribution of profits
Supervisory Board proposition: not to distribute retained profits earned as of 31 December 2011 in the amount of EUR 777 232.
3. Changing the share capital and nominal share value and Articles of Association.
Supervisory Board proposition: to confirm nominal share value of EUR 0.5 and decrease share capital by EUR 296 291.9; to confirm the amended articles of association.
4. Electing a Supervisory Board member
Supervisory Board proposition: elect Tõnis Nõmmik to the Supervisory Board.

At the AGM every shareholder is entitled to obtain information from Management Board about the actions of Balti Kinnisvaraporfell AS. Shareholders holding at least 1/10 of the votes are entitled to propose additional items to the Agenda if the proposal is submitted in writing no less than 15 days prior to the AGM. Shareholders holding at least 1/10 of the votes are entitled to submit draft resolution in writing on every agenda item no less than 3 days prior to the AGM. The annual report, Supervisory Board Report, Auditor´s Report, answers given to shareholders regarding the agenda items, draft resolutions submitted by shareholders, the amended Articles of Associations and other documents are available at the office of Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS, located in Tallinn, A. Lauteri 5 during the week between 9:00-16:00 as of disclosing day of the AGM notice until 9:00 AM on the day of AGM meeting. In accordance with the Associtation of Articles of Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS the shareholders with the right to vote are verified as of 20 June 2012 9:00AM.

Registration to the meeting starts at 20 June 2012 9:30AM. Identification is needed to register to vote; shareholder´s representative needs a power of attorney in writing or documents certifying the right of representation. In accordance with Commercial Code § 297 (4) shareholder or shareholder´s representative with written power of attorney are allowed to attend the meeting. The participation of representative does not take away the shareholder´s right to attend the AGM.

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