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EfTEN Capital AS received a management company activity licence

The Financial Supervision Authority gave EfTEN Capital AS the fund management company activity licence. EfTEN Capital will manage real estate funds and also provide consultancy and property management

In order to manage investment funds, an activity licence must be obtained from the Financial Supervision Authority, which has previously been issued to the public limited companies Avaron Asset Management, Danske Capital, ERGO Varahalduse AS, GILD Fund Management, GILD Property Asset Management, Hansa Investeerimisfondid, Kawe Kapital, LHV Varahaldus, Limestone Investment Management, Nordea Pensions Estonia AS, Redgate Varahaldus, SEB Varahaldus, Trigon Alternative Funds and Trigon Funds.

The main field of activity of the management company is the management of funds and securities portfolios: organisation of issue and re-purchase of units, investment of fund assets, keeping account of assets and other relevant activities. One management company can manage several funds.

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