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Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS is a public limited company, which is holding cash flow generating commercial real estate investments. The company was founded in 2003. For the purposes of the Investment Funds Act of Estonia, Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS is not a real estate fund. Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS (BKP) is an commercial real estate investment company with no employees. The BKP has entered into a contract with EfTEN Kinnisvarateenuste OÜ for the management of the company and for the companies portfolio. Investment period in Balti Kinnisvaraportfell AS has ended.

Share of management company in BKP, EfTEN Kinnisvarateenuste OÜ owns one preferred share of BKP in the nominal value of EUR 64 (sixty four euros).

Investment Segments

  • office premises
  • commercial premises
  • warehouse and production premises


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Supervisory Board

  • Viljar Arakas (chairman)
  • Sander Rebane
  • Marilin Hein
  • Ene Õunmaa

Management Board

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